Type Kita 2: A Typography Exhibit

October 26, 2014

A few months back I was invited to participate in a benefit show for Heart School. That exhibit was Type Kita 2, held last weekend (Oct 18 to 19) at 10a Alabama.

Wagas means "everlasting." In slang, it's usually meant as a compliment.

"I shattered my jar of memories / so I could glimpse you once again"

This is one of mine, the product of a collaboration between me and the amazing Ella Lama:

The Great Gatsby 2014 Book Cover
Rubbercut Print
(100% handmade: drawn and lettered by Ella Lama, carved and pulled by me)

I also submitted a second work. It's the second from the right in this photo (standing):

Do I contradict myself?
Very well then I contradict myself,
(I am large, I contain multitudes.)

- Song of Myself, Walt Whitman

I Contain Multitudes
Rubbercut Print

This is one of my favorites. I think it was written in gold marker, with shadows carefully added after.

Extreme papercutting. Ewan means "I don't know."

"Don't flirt with me / I'm with my boyfriend/girlfriend."

Some really good-looking street art. The signs say "No Littering" and
"No Urinating" / "You are not allowed to relieve yourself here."

"It's better to vomit than to give up." (I'm sorry, this sounds really bad in English!
The idiom is rather funny in Filipino.)

A bazaar of type-related merchandise was also set up outside the exhibit.

Forever Ugly

Fozzy Castro-Dayrit

Working on a piece...

This is Mang Ipe. For a small fee, he'd make you a signage in the color of your choice, using a distinctive typeface associated with jeepneys (local PUVs).

He told me he once worked in production design, with directors such as Peque Gallaga.

There were also live demos by featured artists.

And later in the evening: the finished piece (from the photo above)

Ella Lama and her treasure trove of goodies

My favorite merch: Ella's personalized masking tape. Yes, it's really masking tape!

Some edible goods

A good night at 10a Alabama

This is a mere sampling of the creativity on display that weekend. Just so. Much. Talent. Thank you, everyone, who dropped by to share our happiness! What an honor it was to be part of this!