My Etsy Shop is Now Open!

April 1, 2014

I hoped to add a bit more fanfare to this but it's been a month and I still can't think of anything. Must be the heat. Or the marketing.*

Here it is, trumpets blaring: my Etsy shop is now open!

I'm excited to present Rubber Ducky Stamp Co., a collection of quirky, hand-carved rubber stamps.

I draw, carve and assemble each piece by hand.
I first started making and selling stamps in 2012, at local markets. Positive feedback encouraged me to keep going and to share my stamps with a larger audience.

Each stamp has a handle of tanguile wood.

Each stamp comes in its own papier mache box.

*Marketing is not art, inasmuch as art is about making and marketing, about selling. Business, on the other hand, is about making sure the lights don't go out every month. This much I've learned. Since the shop opened I've done a lot of marketing, a touch of business and zero art. It's time to start carving again.

I'm adding more stocks this April. Please check back soon!

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