Of Little Flowers

October 28, 2013

The problem with visiting the Manila Seedling Bank is that it's hard leave empty-handed. We went to buy rosemary at my mom's request and returned with two extra plants. Granted, I was never interested in greenery until I saw these little ones. They were irresistible!

They bloom during the day...

Lovely in their smallness.

And close up at night.

Little baby plants.

The vendor said they need little water and lots of sun. I have yet to settle them in their own pots, so I put them among the orchids to catch most of the light.

I forget what they're called. (Fail.) My mom describes them as yung nabibili sa may simbahan, "the flowers you can buy at Church."

They're only P10.00 each. I hope they last! The ants seem to like them.

Could this herald a new phase in my 20-something life? A call to gardening and the greening of thumbs? A response to my otherwise increasingly digital lifestyle?* We'll see.

*Also, for this post: the compulsion to shoot flora in a shallow depth of field.

Masskaraland, Bacolod

October 22, 2013

Bonus: Marsie is not done partying. Taken at NAIA.